Unexpected man - haircut and beard adjustment on the Marina shore

Welcome to Budapest's most exclusive Barber Shop



After a consultation with your barber we help you choose the hairstyle which best suits your face shape. Paying attention to your spins, we prepare the dream hairstyle for you. With a premium product finish, you are good to go!

Machine haircut

Have you ever experienced the feeling of missing a few hair threads when you try to do your own haircut? If you prefer a quick and professional cut, rely on us. For the perfect result we don’t miss the use of the blade at your nape.

Creative haircut

Consulting with your barber accompanied by your favourite glass of beverage, we work on creating the most extreme hairstyle ideas. Whether it’s cutting long hair or creating a custom pattern, give us a try.

Chlidren’s haircut

Stylish hairstyles can’t be started early enough. If you’re already bored of your mullet cut by mom, tell your parents it’s time to become a man.

Father and Son haircut

If you choose to come with your little sailor, we have invented this service for you! Let this be your new program together! Meanwhile, Mom can relax with a delicious coffee.

Beard Trim

Trimming with machine blade for the best results. The famous hot towel shave cannot be missed here either. For a fresh and fragrant result, we perform the final touches with an optional premium product.

Shaving Premium Beard Routine

Time travel to the beginning of the last century. Experience the real barber feeling. After a soothing hot towel facial massage, we make your face perfectly smooth.

Barber treatment

This experience is the flagship of our salon, we complement the hot towel shave with the creation of a perfect hairstyle. It is a complete renewal to make sure, you are going to leave us as a new person.

Price list

  • Haircut 
    6 500 HUF.....4 500 HUF
  • Father and Son haircut 
    10 900 HUF.....7 000 HUF
  • Creative haircut 
    7 900 HUF.....6 000 HUF
  • Chlidren’s haircut 
    5 400 HUF.....3 800 HUF
  • Machine haircut 
    3 900 HUF.....2 800 HUF
  • Beard Trim 
    4 300 HUF.....3 300 HUF
  • Shaving Premium Beard Routine 
    5 600 HUF.....4 500 HUF
  • Beard trim + coloring 
    7 500 HUF.....5 800 HUF
  • Haircut + beard trim 
    9 900 HUF.....7 500 HUF
  • Haircut + beard trim + beard coloring 
    13 500 HUF.....9 800 HUF
  • Haircut + hair coloring 
    10 900 HUF.....7 500 HUF
  • Hair coloring 
    5 400 HUF.....3 800 HUF
  • Barber treatment 
    10 500 HUF.....7 800 HUF
  • Haircut + hair coloring + beard trim + beard coloring 
    18 400 HUF.....14 800 HUF
  • Head massage /about 8 min/ 
    new service.....1 200 HUF


Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 08:00-20:00
Saturday: 10:00-19:00
Sunday: closed

Mobile phone: +36 30 3546717

Adress: 1138 Budapest, Sólyatér utca 4/A

You can easily find us by car from Váci út if you turn off at Csavargyár utca. If you are coming from the lower quay of Pest via Népfürdő Street, you have to turn left at Cserhalom Street.

You can’t stop right in front of the salon by car, but you can easily find a parking space anywhere on Marina Beach.

By public transport: 
Take the M3 metro at the Gyöngyösi utca stop and after a 5 minute walk you can reach us.